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The program is designed to create a communication link between two parties from different areas of the world through the exchange of an individual personalized book covering the givers home area. The personalization would be through the completion of a personal resume page (with a photograph of the person) covering a variety of information on the "giver," with the page being bound permanently into the book.  It would be appropriate to link schools with like foreign schools, or clubs, or any group desiring to establish personal communication.  The program, in addition to high level of educational value, could well lead to an increased level of communication and understanding among the peoples of the world, and thus, increase to some degree opportunities for World Peace and Understanding for the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Schools, organizations, and individuals are encouraged to fund their own participation costs.  However, in cases wherein some schools have only limited financial resources, the program founders will make a concerted effort to lend financial assistance or aid to program funding.

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