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Two Communications of Interest;

Letter from Mike Hinken, US Peace Corps Volunteer in Partizansk, Russia

       Dear Mr. Shangle,
     My name is Mike Hinken and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer
stationed in The Russian Far East.  I teach English at a school
of around 1,000 students in a coal-mining town of Partizansk,
which is about four hours by train northeast of Vladivostok, the
major port on the Sea of Japan.
           My students are eager to learn about America.  In my class, I've
been using two of the books you publish,  The Beauty of Wisconsin
and The Beauty of Iowa, which the kids enjoy immensely.
Much of the material available to students here is outdated, or more
often, simply wrong when it comes to America and Americans.
Your series of books gives accurate historical information along with
a glimpse of the individual beauty of each state, new and exciting
       things for children here.
           If you could send a complete set of this series of books, the children and teachers at my school would benefit from and appreciate it greatly.
There are six other schools in Partizansk that could also make good use of such material if it is possible.  Whatever you can send
will help us.
I look forward to your reply. Thanks for your time.
                                                                                 Mike Hinken

Letter from John Arnold, Peace Corps Volunteer in Vladivostok, Russia

...I am also trying to acquire books and resources in English for our
school's libraries.  Even though we start English lessons in kindergarten,
there is nothing more than text books written in English.  Your books
sound like the perfect addition to an "American Corner" in the children's
reading room!  Do you have any kind of charitable fund or sponsorship
program that could help my site acquire your books on the states?
Thank you for your interest in the Peace Corps and in your drive to
help us to do our jobs better.  I look forward to your reply.
In Peace and Friendship
John W. Arnold

Letter from Mike Hinken, US Peace Corps Volunteer in Partizansk, Russia

Dear Mr. Shangle,

"Hi from Russia. Just wanted you to know I sent photo of my 6th grade class with the books you sent us in June."

Mike Hinken

Thanks from the 7th grade Class!                            School Number Two
Front: Marina, Nastia, Lena, Taja.                                                                       In Partizansk, Russia
2nd Row: Natasha & Natasha (with sign)
                  Galina, Katia M., Katia P.
3rd Row: Artyom, Pasha, Anton, Kolya,
                 Katia, Lena, Lena, Katia, Oleysu.
4th Row: Anton, Oleg, Losha, Sreta, Inessa
5th row: Sasha, Rona, Zhjenya, Losha, Alex

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