~ The Founders ~
Robert and Barbara Shangle
 Learn About America and World Peace and Understanding began as philanthropic projects of Robert and Barbara Shangle and American Products Corporation of Beaverton, Oregon.

Robert Shangle, a proven and successful publisher since 1961, has created five prosperous publishing companies:  Beauty of America Publishing Company, Valley Publications, LTA Publishing Company, American Family Partners, and American Products  Corporation .  

Over the past 40 years, products produced under the Shangle direction have consisted of high quality, nature/scenic color photography books, calendars, note cards and framing prints.  LTA Publishing had the distinction of being America's first company to produce a calendar on each of the 50 states. Books produced by the several companies exceed 130 titles.

While producing quality nature/scenic color photography books, calendars and note cards, American Products Corporation began in 1991 to create products involving American History and began developing a series of products pertaining to Disaster Preparedness and Family Security.  Learn About America and World Peace and Understanding were originally developed in 1997.

American Products Corporation takes a high level of pride in producing superior quality products.  The company is truly unique by producing a "one of a kind" grouping of books, calendars, note cards, framing prints, and educational products.

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